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I'm Adam Theodorou….and this is the program…

Over the past two and a half decades I've helped thousands of men get in shape, get lean and build muscle. And if there's one thing I’ve learned that always holds true, its rarely the program that doesn't work.

The program is the culmination of my 26 years in the fitness industry and the knowledge I’ve gained through my own personal development journey learning from some of the highest performing men on the planet.

I've had the remarkable pleasure to learn from Navy SEALs, US Marines, SWAT Team negotiators, US Marshals, MMA fighters and industry leaders in business that operate 8, 9 and even 10 figure businesses.

Over this time I’ve learned that there is one very specific thing that separates the winners and the losers in life….their mindset!

Rest assured the program is unlike any other program you've ever tried.

The program is designed to tackle your mindset first, before anything else…

If your hard drive is flawed, you will never be able to succeed at anything.

A man will never rise to his goals, He will always fall to the level of his system.

The program is a 90 day personal development course that completely re-programs your operating system through creating relentless discipline with your daily habits to create an unbreakable mindset.

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The Program is the culmination of knowledge gathered from a 26 year career spent studying and learning human behaviors as well as learning from some of the best and highest performing humans on the planet.

This is NOT your average “feel good about yourself, do what you can today” bullshit program. The program is about learning to do what you CAN'T do today, so that you begin to access your true potential and start to operate to dominate all aspects of life.

The Program is designed for high performing men who are looking to access their untapped potential, starting with their personal fitness. If you're in this program, finances are NOT your issue. The Program is designed to help you level up so that your physical appearance can match your bank account !

Make no mistake about it, fitness is only the gateway and the necessary precursor to unlocking the warrior inside you. If you're able to make it through the next 90 days by keeping the promises you make to yourself, you will unlock the keys to living a life of fulfillment, purpose and abundance in all four areas…, Finance, Family, Fitness, Faith (The 4 F-Bombs)

Let's Get Started…

It's All About The Systems:

Fuck motivation… If that's what you're relying on for this to work, you'refucked

You will Never rise to your goals, you will always fall to the level of your system.

Over the next 90 days, we're going to construct an unbreakable operating system built by a shit ton of hard work and relentless discipline to your daily habits that are in line with your core values. No excuses!

Alignment and Core Values:

True alignment happens when we start to operate from a place of purpose over pleasure. In most cases, we as humans are wired to seek out short term pleasure (dopamine hits). This can be in the form of food, alcohol, drugs, shopping, and any other thing that isn't of any use to us in the long view. These we will call vices. Vices will be different for everybody, but ultimately a vice can be described as any action that creates a short term pleasure, but regret thereafter.

You are going to use regret as your guideline to navigate and create your own non-negotiables for your program. This will help you understand exactly where you're going to need to start working on first. These will be your first and hardest challenges to tackle. No Excuses

If it's food, start listing all the food that you already know you shouldn't be eating and the actions around those foods you're not going to be taking. ie what you're not going to eat and when you're not going to eat it. NO Excuses

If it's alcohol and or drugs, you're going to start listing exactly what your commitment is to yourself for the next 90 days. No Excuses

And if there's anything else that would fall under the description of a “vice” (gets in the way of you achieving exactly what it is you're here for), well FIO (Figure It Out) because that's gotta go too! No Excuses

Acquire What You Admire:

The Work Instills The Worth

Here's the key, figure out exactly the body you wish to create. Over the next 90 days, we are going to habitually construct the person that body belongs to. Through relentless discipline, and non-negotiables you will acquire what you admire. This is the only way to ensure that after the 90 days are over, this all sticks, and you don't fall back and end up where you started. We are not here for a temporary solution, we're fixing the fucking problem.

Non- Negotiables:

In a separate document, you are going to list your non-negotiables for the next 90 days. Remember, these are things that no matter what, you are committing to yourself to never break character regardless of the situation. No Excuses!

Here are some common examples of non-negotiables:

  • Never miss a wake time
  • Never miss a workout
  • Never miss tracking your food
  • No alcohol
  • No Narcotics
  • No vices

Rules of the program:

Weeks 1-4 foundation building

Here's where we tackle your vices. Vices are your weaknesses. We need to face these weaknesses with a clear mind and true commitment to ourselves. We don't break, we don't deviate, we don't negotiate or compromise our promises to ourselves.

We NEVER negotiate with our inner Bitch”

There is nothing that creates more strength in a man than a man who knows he has NO Weaknesses.

“You Will become Unbreakable”

I truly want the best for you, and I am here to guide you the entire way. But let's get one thing straight, I am not your magic pill and I definitely don't do the work for you. That's all up to you!

My job is to provide you with every tool you're ever going to need to accomplish anything you've ever wanted. How you use those tools is entirely up to you.

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Over 26 yrs of Experience

If you truly want something you've never had, you need to do something you've never done”

  1. Sleep - you're going to need to be well rested to execute this properly. Pick a time you're going to go to sleep and a time you're going to wake up each day. Don't ever break it ! Weekends are no different! 7 days a week … NEVER break.
    This will keep your internal clock operating efficiently, and allow you to be getting deeper sleep. You won't have to spend two days recalibrating from the weekends. Nor will you need more than 7 hours of sleep per night.
  1. Vices - weed, booze, or anything else that's not in alignment with your goals should go! No time, no need, no reason to be sabotaging your results with shit that's only going to drag your ass down and slow your progress. (whatever you say you're going to do, do it)
    DO NOT BREAK THAT PROMISE TO YOURSELF! If you break that one then it's a slippery slope, next is your food and then wake-up time, then training, and you end up right the fuck back to the place that got you here.
  1. Mental growth…. Start reading every night before bed. Fill your brain with ideas and information about things you're interested in and excite you.

Our physical state (body) is a DIRECT reflection of our mental state. Fat, soft, and out of shape ? So is your mind, start working it out as well so that your physical and mental development begin to vibrate on a higher frequency and in alignment.

  1. Environmental- you are a direct product of the 3-5 people you spend the most time with. Take an honest audit of your inner circle and edit your relationships if need be. (family included) The wrong people in your life as you're trying to change are like anchors to your personal development and growth.
  2. Food. This needs to be the backbone for your discipline, as this is the hardest part to stay true to. The closer you stay to your eating plan, the faster you will build the unbreakable character.

Not to mention, muscle gains and fat reduction will happen significantly faster.


”It's all about the macros”

You NEED. To dial these the fuck in by tracking everything you shove in your pie hole.

No,  “I'm eating clean “ shit! Eating clean DOESN'T PRODUCE RESULTS-TRACKING YOUR MACROS DOES!

You track everything! 💪🏼

Let's Get Ready to Rock & Roll:

I wish you the best of luck over the next 90 days. I encourage you to use me as your lifeline whenever you need to. I am here to help guide you through this development process. Remember this…

  • Mindset - 1
  • Nutrition -2
  • Training -3

You can't have 3 without owning 1 and 2 first.

“Your lid to your growth will always lie in your leadership abilities”

Leadership of yourself first, then the leadership of your team, your tribe, your family and anyone else that relies on you to show up as the best version of yourself each and every day.

I Have Nothing But Love For You, Now let's do This!

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